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Went to an office for the first time in two years

When I joined DI.FM two years ago, it was my first completely remote work. I had some misconceptions and prejudices about it, but still wanted to try.

A lot of has changed since then, and this month I went on to join Wildix. I started and will continue as a remote developer, occasionally working at office.

Yesterday I worked in the office, and felt elation. I got a warm welcome, though there were only a few people at the time. It was nice to meet and talk with my coworkers in person. Also the office is great, has a lot of room, quiet and feels like a proper working space.

Some of Wildix Welcome box contents

Even got a desk phone, heh, haven’t seen those in a while (telephony and PBX are the core company products).

Odesa port in fog

The view should be great in a good weather.

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Interesting work is a thrill and a fear

While I was translating the diPlayer post, I noticed that I have used the word scared or fear a couple times.

This led me to the thought that work for me should be connected with fear.

To be really involved I need to be scared of the result, I need to be unconfident about it.

All the projects that I remember as thrilling required from me to cope with significant fear of failure. This fear came
either from my incomplete knowledge of the field I was working in, or tight deadlines, or both.

This is important, because I have always been looking into ways to make work less boring and repetitive. But probably I will have to just bear with boring work for now (as before).

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